A New Hiking Trail in Saba


By the Caribbean Journal staff

Saba may be tiny, but the Dutch Caribbean island is long on adventure.

Now, Saba has added a new hiking trail: the Elfin Trail, which follows the historic paths used by earlier generations who farmed the slopes on the mountain.

It’s the most diverse hiking trail on an island filled with them, taking in three ecosystems: woodlands, rainforest and cloud forest.

That’s along with impressive vegetation from the volcanic soil, from wild orchids to ferns and begonias.

The hike takes about 60 minutes, beginning at Saba’s famous Hell’s Gate and leading to the top of the highest point ont the island, Mount Scenery, which soars to 2,877 feet.

Heading to Saba? Make sure you try the island’s signature place to stay, the Queen’s Gardens.

— CJ