Guadeloupe’s Top Luxury Resort Is Raising Its Game


By Alexander Britell

Long the only true luxury hotel in Guadeloupe, the La Toubana resort on the island of Grande-Terre is raising its game.

La Toubana, which is closed for the summer, will relaunch as Guadeloupe’s first five-star resort when it reopens on Oct. 15.

It’s a major step for what is one of the more fascinating but still largely unknown destinations in the Caribbean, an archipelago that includes everything from one of the world’s capitals of rum to one of our favorite little beach bars in the region.

The changes at La Toubana mean it’s basically a “new hotel,” according to Carole Adam, vice president of sales and marketing at Des Hotels * Des Iles, a collection of mostly French Caribbean resorts that includes La Toubana as a member.

The transformation is part of a wider two-year, $13.9 million investment by the company, Adam told Caribbean Journal.

“Everything is totally new,” she said, including new bungalows, bathrooms, restaurants, the spa, the sun deck and a new lobby, among other changes. “It’s chic and trendy.”

The fully transformed property will include 22 sea-view bungalows, 12 two-level suites, nine “junior suite” bungalows and one “panoramic suite” bungalows.

La Toubana will also feature three high-end villas, each of which will include both concierge and butler services.

The property is also upgrading its trademark infinity pool and bar, along with its beachfront restaurant and bar.

It’s set in the bustling beach town of Sainte Anne, one of the region’s top culinary destinations, known for its broad collection of food trucks right on the sand, many of which specialize in Guadeloupe’s de facto national dish, the fried-dough sandwich known as the bokit.

What it all means is a major new hotspot for sophisticated luxury travelers looking for a new destination to think about in the Caribbean.

Now, there’s a hotel that’s ready for them.

For more, visit La Toubana.

– CJ


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