15 Caribbean Beaches to Visit This Summer

caribbean beachesBBC Beach in Grenada.
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We never get tired of saying it — the Caribbean is a wonderful summer destination. While the region’s allure as an escape from wintry climes never ceases, the summer months are a quieter, even more relaxing time to visit the region. Because the Caribbean is a year-round destination — period.

So we decided to put together of destinations to check out over the next few months, by specific beaches — not islands.

Because when you’re bobbing around in the waves on a perfect Caribbean beach, does it matter what month it is?

Here are 15 favorites to try now, from tiny cays to undiscovered coastlines to full-service party beaches.

Valley Church beach in Antigua.

Valley Church, Antigua There’s something almost uncannily intoxicating about the peculiar shade of blue of the water on Valley Church Beach. The water is calm, the sand is white and wide, and, well, you get the picture. The best part? There are 364 other beaches to try in Antigua and Barbuda if you ever want to diversify. It’s what makes Antigua such a remarkable beach destination.

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