6 Luxury Hotels to Visit Right Now

caribbean travel awards antiguaJumby Bay, Antigua.
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Looking for the next great luxury hotspot in the Caribbean? The good news is that the Caribbean’s luxury hotels just keep getting better, from hillside boutiques to eco-chic getaways to beachfront standards.

And the region’s luxury footprint keeps expanding, meaning you can find wonderful ultra-luxe getaways all over the region.

But the greatest hotels are able to turn traditional luxury into Caribbean luxury, the kind of hospitality that one can only find in the West Indies.

Here are six luxury Caribbean hotels for your next Caribbean getaway.

The Ladera resort in Saint Lucia.

Ladera, Saint Lucia We’ve called this the ultimate Caribbean luxury hotel, and that’s because it combines bucket-list level open-wall suites with a remarkable commitment to authentic, community-focused hospitality, from world-class local cooking to truly wonderful service. But it’s the rooms that are the superstars, almost completely hand-built with some of the best views on earth.

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