A New Windsurfing Center in Bonaire


By the Caribbean Journal staff

One of the Caribbean’s top windsurfing destinations just got even better.

Windsurfing legend Bjorn Dunkerbeck and DefiWind founder Philippe Bru have opened the new Dunkerbeck Pro Center on the island’s famous Lac Bay.

windsurfing bonaire

The Sorobon Beach Resort.

The center, which has opened in partnership with the Sorobon Beach Resort, will welcome windsurfers of any experience level every day beginning at 7:30 AM, with classes, clinics, windsurfing and foiling tours and an impressive array of available rental equipment, including Starboard and Simmerstyle equipment.

Dunkerbeck is the holder of 42 world titles in windsurfing. Bru has been a professional windsurfer and foiler for more than 40 years; his DefiWind and DefiKite events are among the world’s biggest events in each category.

Guests at Sorobon get a 20 percent discount on windsurfing equipment.

The Sorobon Beach Resort has a mix of 15 “chalets” and 10 apartments with a focus on wellness and active travelers.


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