Flying to the British Virgin Islands Just Got Easier

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By the Caribbean Journal staff

Flying to the British Virgin Islands just got a lot easier.

Turks and Caicos-based airline InterCaribbean Airways is launching a wave of new flights to Tortola in the British Virgin Islands.

The new service will begin Feb. 1, 2018, with flights to Tortola from St Thomas (two flights daily), St Croix (one flight daily), St Maarten (two flights daily) and Dominica (three flights weekly).

There will also be three weekly flights from Dominica to Tortola with a stop in St Lucia.

“We believe interCaribbean is the first schedule airline to offer 7 nonstop destinations from the British Virgin Islands,” said Trevor Sadler, CEO for interCaribbean. “Our planned connections current and new are designed to minimize layover times.”

InterCaribbean entered the British Virgin Islands market last year with direct flights between the BVI and Antigua and San Juan.

“The plan to connect the Caribbean and the wider international market continues to grow and is coming along nicely,” said Lyndon Gardiner, chairman of InterCaribbean. “There are now a lot of connections between residents of the destinations we serve, and, by offering new connective options we hope to stimulate an increase in tourist and business travel in the region.”


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