How One Hotel Made One of the Caribbean’s Greatest Beaches Accessible


By the Caribbean Journal staff

It’s something too many travelers take for granted.

But for many disabled travelers in the Caribbean, getting to the beach is seldom easy.

But now one of the Caribbean’s greatest beaches is now accessible, thanks to the efforts of one pioneering hotel.

The Valentines Resort and Marina on Harbour Island in the Bahamas has installed a new wooden ramp to get to Pink Sand Beach, a world-class beach that’s typically accessible only via uneven dirt paths.

Pink Sand Beach, from above.

“Guests with disabilities and mobility difficulty have been thankful that we have recently made this accommodation giving them the beach access so they can experience one of the top beaches in the world,” the hotel said in a statement.

Valentine’s also has a private beach club for guests on the beach, but the ramp means the beach is now open for any traveler looking for an easier way to get to this spectacular stretch of sand.

The design of the ramp system also ensured the most eco friendly design and construction possible, according to a statement.

“While some prefer the old natural approach to the beach, many now have easier access to the beach that limited or preventing them from enjoying it,” Valentine’s said.

Here’s hoping it’s a trend that continues.


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