“St Barth 2.0” Moving Ahead As Island Continues Recovery


By the Caribbean Journal staff

The island of St Barth was pummeled by Hurricane Irma, but it’s making a strong recovery so far, according to initial reports.

One hotel calls it “St Barth 2.0.”

All roads have been cleared, while the commercial port and airport are already back to operations.

Bakeries and food shops are already open, while restaurants and bars are gradually reopening their doors, according to a newly-released statement from the St Barth Tourism committee.

Indeed, restaurants have made quick progress, according to Peg Walsh, who runs St Barth Properties villa company.

“Don’t worry, there will be plenty of choices when you are vacationing in St. Barth,” she said in a blog post, pointing out that the famous Le Select restaurant opened last week (that came a week after the island’s 25 Quarter bar opened its doors).

Other restaurants that have already reopened include Au Regal, L’Ardoise, Island Flavors, Bistro Josephine are open, while Black Ginger, L’Isola, Mayas, Le Tamarin and Orega are all targeting November reopenings.

Further, the island aims to begin welcoming cruise passengers as early as Oct. 30, the committee said.

And while the island’s gourmet festival has been postponed, the famous Les Voiles de St Barth regatta will go on as scheduled in early April.

“The island of St Barthelemy is in full effervescence,” the committee said. “With extraordinary solidary.”

The island’s flagship hotel, the Eden Rock St Barths, had another word for it: St Barth 2.0, with plans to welcome guests to its private villas in December and to its hotel in the summer of 2018.

“The best things in life are worth waiting for and St Barths 2.0 is underway,” the hotel said in a statement.

Another top St Barth resort, Le Guanahani, said in a statement that it would also be planning to reopen in the summer of 2018.

“We have come together to start rebuilding our beloved island home to welcome you all back to the Le Guanahani you know and love,” the property wrote.

Or as the island’s Le Toiny hotel said, “Paradise will be regained.”

Here’s hoping that happens very soon.


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