Richard Branson Urges “Marshall Plan” For British Virgin Islands


By the Caribbean Journal staff

Sir Richard Branson, whose own Necker Island in the British Virgin Islands was devastated by Hurricane Irma, is urging the creation of a long-term “Marshall Plan” for the British Virgin Islands, modeled on the massive US aid package that helped to rebuild Europe after World War II.

Much of the BVI was devastated by the passage of Irma.

Branson, a major advocate for action on climate change, is also advocating for the Caribbean to be “reconstructed and rejuvenated with clean energy and new jobs.”

Branson recounted his experience during Irma in a video filmed in New York.

“I’ve seen first-hand the impact climate change is having,” Branson said. “Even as the world faces increasingly shocking climate change-related catastrophes, now is our opportunity to get on top of the problem before it’s too late.”

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