Rum Journal: 6 Terrific Caribbean Rums to Try on National Rum Day

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Here at Rum Journal, we like to think that every day is National Rum Day. But Aug. 16 actually is National Rum Day in the United States, a day meant to celebrate the glory of rum, the Caribbean’s tastiest export.

So we’ve put together a handy list of six rums we think you should try right now, a mix of styles, origins and flavors that will help you celebrate the day in style. All of these rums can be purchased in the United States.

Rhum JM’s distillery in Macouba, Martinique

Rhum JM XO, Martinique 

If you haven’t introduced yourself to the world of the French Caribbean’s rhum agricole, it’s time to try it. These magnificent rums, which are produced by distilling fresh sugar cane juice rather than molasses, are some of the greatest rums on earth, with a totally different set of flavor notes from the rum you’re used to and a cognac-like personality. Rhum JM, produced at an exceptional distillery in the Macouba area of Martinique, is one of the island’s most legendary rums, and the XO is one of its standard bearers, with rum aged for at least six years in bourbon barrels (indeed, they even char their own barrels).

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