Why You Need to Visit Valentines Resort on Harbour Island


Dunmore Town is the first thing you see on the water taxi to Harbour Island, the colorful roofs and the old cottages, the greenery and the golf carts.

It just might be the prettiest little town in the whole Caribbean, a remarkable mix of lovingly restored and charmingly forgotten old homes, dotted with little shops and bars.

It’s the heart and soul of what has made this island one of the best kept secrets in the Caribbean, reserved for knowing travelers who prize its exclusivity, safety and beauty.

Downtown Dunmore Town.

And if you take a short walk up the edge of Bay Street, you’ll find the island’s most complete resort: Valentines, the boutique resort and marina that’s the best way to experience the island.

The 41-suite property is a perfect mix of traditional Bahamian architecture and modern design, with wonderful, large units, a terrific pool and the island’s largest marina, taking ships up to 160 feet.

“It’s a village within a town.”

But the most thoughtful thing about the design of this place is that it’s turned a resort to a different level: a village within a town.

The marina opens into Valentines’ multi-purpose complex, including a restaurant, bar and boutique, golf cart rental outpost, a meeting point for everyone on the island, whether you’re enjoying an espresso at Cocoa, taking a goombay smash at the Rooster Tail or enjoying one of the regularly-scheduled farmers markets.

And then there’s the truly excellent food by executive chef Josef Swoboda, onetime executive chef at Sandals Royal Bahamian, whose continental-meets-Bahamian menu features, among other things, some of the best cracked conch in the whole Bahamas.

The pool at Valentines.

Of course, the resort also boasts a reserved section of beach at the legendary Pink Sand Beach, one of the world’s most beautiful beaches.

Pink Sand Beach, from above. Yes, it’s actually pink.

It all adds up to a balanced, full-service property that gives you the best of Harbour Island: a spot in the heart of Dunmore Town, a seat on Pink Sand Beach and a gateway to an authentic Bahamian vacation.

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For more information, visit Valentines Resort.


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