How to Make Peter Island’s Ginger Lemonade


By Sarah Greaves-Gabbadon
CJ Travel Editor

What makes arriving at a private-island resort even sweeter? In the British Virgin Islands, it’s the welcome beverage served to guests at Peter Island Resort & Spa.

Zesty, sweet and spiked, if you like, with a shot of Bacardi Limon, the resort’s signature ginger lemonade is a delicious refresher after a day of air travel and the perfect prelude to a vacation filled with nothing more rigorous than beach-hopping (the resort has five) and hanging out in Peter Island’s signature hammocks.

Haven’t been to Peter yet? Make a pitcher for yourself (and your friends; this recipe makes 1.5 liters) and start planning.

Peter Island’s Ginger Lemonade


½ pound grated fresh ginger

17 lemons or limes

13 ounces sugar

40 ounces water

flavored rum (optional)


Juice lemons/limes and set aside. Peel and dice ginger, put into a blender, cover with water and blend. Add ginger to 40 ounces water, citrus juice and sugar. Mix until sugar is dissolved, then strain. Serve over ice and with a shot of rum, if desired.