VIDEO: Discovering the Surfsong Villa Resort in Tortola


It’s one of those places where you’d want to be even if there weren’t a great resort on the grounds.

The Surfsong Villa Resort is set on the ​​eastern end of Tortola,​ British Virgin Islands, just off Beef Island on Well Bay, a tucked-away spot you could drive by a million times and never know it was there.

But once you discover this well-kept secret, you begin to appreciate how he stark natural beauty of the BVI is integrated into its design and thoughtful management.

Surfsong is surrounded by water and the surf on the reefs help to create the most amazing of sea sounds — a siren call of the sea — and the resort’s namesake. (Wait for it at the end of the video above).

Each of the seven villas is unique and furnished in a casually elegant Caribbean style, and the entire complex can be rented out privately with groups limited to 30 guests or less.

The Courtyard at Surfsong restaurant is available to guests at any time and open to the public Thursday, Friday, Saturday evenings and Sundays for Brunch, led by Chef David Cioppa, who creates personal culinary experiences and emphasizes locally sourced food.

There is an honor bar in the lobby and we love honor bars! We got in on a late flight and dinner was already warmed and waiting for us to arrive — it’s that kind of place.

The property began as a community of villas, so it looks and feels like a collection of private residences ​and yet it is a finely tuned resort.

There is​ exceptional service here from a​ small ​and ​​dedicated ​staff and a engaged ownership that makes Surfsong feel special the moment you arrive.​

The villas all have different personalities, some small and intimate and others large houses. Staff can be arranged to prepare special meals and even shop and provision for you.

Having a villa on vacation is perhaps the best vacation experience there is.  With a staff to maintain and service your villa you might think you’ve died and gone to heaven.

And here on the edge of Tortola, it might actually feel like it.


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