Rum Journal: Ron Barceló’s New Limited Edition


It all started in 2014, when Martinique’s innovative Rhum Clement launched a special edition bottle designed by street artist JonOne.

Now, another top Caribbean rum brand has gotten in the game, with the new limited edition Ron Barceló Añejo by Dominican born, Miami-based neo-figurative artist Ruben Ubiera.

The new look, which hit the shelves this month, is a stunning design, with Ubiera’s signature “Postgraffism” design on a metallic gold background.

Only 1,000 cases of the Dominican rum are being produced for the U.S. market.

“The artwork created for this specific bottle is a marriage of the old and the new,” says Ubiera. “Some images that, for me, help define the modern Dominican person to the rest of the world. Its love for its culture (Diablo Cojuelos), its music (Perico Ripiao), its fiery personality (from the sharks that surround the island to the “tigere” that survives on land every single day).

Ruben Ubiera

“Dominicans are known for being fun, happy, competitive, hard-working people. From baseball to dominoes, it’s all here, in melted gold sugar cane. All created in a Postgraffism style that defines new directions for the future and defies all who stand in front of it. Bold, fierce, in your face and very proud. Just like my people.”

So what’s it like?

Ron Barceló Añejo has a light amber color and a sweet aroma of apricot and caramel. The flavor profile is marked by brown sugar, tobacco and spice, and the classic dry finish that is a hallmark of Dominican rums.

It’s a solid rum in a beautiful bottle, part of a trend we hope continues.

— CJ


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