Jamaica Has Big Plans for This Destination


Jamaica has big plans for the destination of Port Antonio on the island’s eastern end.

The small destination has been receiving increased attention in recent years in large part due to the efforts to two hotels: Geejam and Trident — but it was once very much a jet set target.


“We are very big on Port Antonio and its high-end potential,” said Jamaica Tourism Minister Ed Bartlett. “If we go back to the 1960s where it used to be the happy hunting ground of the Hollywood high rollers, Port Antonio has always had that charm and mystique that you will not find anywhere else.”

Bartlett said the town had “some of the finest natural attractions” in Jamaica and popular spots like the Boston Jerk Centre, Nonsuch Caves and Somerset and Reach Falls.

Bartlett said the town had an “unmistakable uniqueness” that made it attractive to leisure tourists and adventure seekers.