Six Pink Sand Beaches in the Caribbean

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Ranging in color from blinding ivory to exotic ebony, beaches are some of the Caribbean’s most valuable stock in trade, drawing sand-and-sea lovers from all over the world. But none are as enchanting as those pink-sand beaches, which practically beg to be immortalized on your social feed. They’re few and far between, but their rarity only adds to their allure. So if you want to park it somewhere pink (and who doesn’t?), check out six of our favorite pink-sand spots — and as you’ll see, there’s a whole spectrum of pink.


Pink Sands Beach, Bahamas

In the Bahamian Out Islands, tiny Harbour Island’s claim to fame is the three-mile swath of pink sand that fringes its eastern coast. Book a room at one of several boutique hotels that are right on the beach (we favor Pinks Sands, the island’s first) and wake up to spectacular sunrises over the crushed-coral strip.

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