Antigua’s Solar-Powered Schools

Solar-Powered Schools

One of the Caribbean’s most solar-friendly countries has continued its green push by adding solar power to a host of schools.

Antigua and Barbuda has already supplied 12 schools with PV Energy’s sun2roof [sic] photovoltaic roof installations, such as one school that receives 130.7 kwh of green energy every day — and saves 25.26 kilograms of CO2 emissions in the last two months alone.

Solar-Powered Schools

Solar panels at the Antigua Grammar School

The latest project in Antigua, which recently launched a major new solar plant at its airport, saw the installation of photovoltaic panels on the roof of the country’s Hospitality Training Institute.

PV Energy is also installing solar panels on the roof of the Antigua Girls High School, a project that will generate 355 kWh of green energy every day.

— CJ Staff

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