The Best Small Islands to Live On in the Caribbean

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“One day I want to live in the Caribbean.” It’s a dream everyone has at one time or another — but choosing to live on a small island is that much more romantic; it’s a decision more about the heart than the head, about finding your own tiny paradise. There’s something special about a small island — and while the experience won’t quite be what you’ll find on larger Caribbean islands, you don’t necessarily have to compromise everything. For this list of the Best Small Islands to Live On, we looked at small islands that had the right mix of scenery, culture, activity, development and convenience, considering factors like healthcare, cost of living and transportation, and then narrowing the list to those islands with a population of less than 12,000. So here it is: whether you’re moving or simply looking to buy a vacation home for longer stays, these are the Best Small Islands to Live On in the Caribbean.

Best Small Islands to Live On

St John

It’s small, it’s beautiful, it’s a US territory … St John isn’t just a marvelous place to visit — it’s a wonderful small island to live on, from the funky, artistic environment to the carefree vibe to the convenience of having St Thomas just a short ferry ride away. There’s a reason expats head to St John — it’s a great all around island to live on.

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