Curacao’s Airport Just Got Even Better

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In a new level of innovation for regional aviation, Curacao’s Hato International Airport has added major new technology to its immigration experience.

The airport has officially inaugurated its new state-of-the-art Automated Border Control system.

The system, known as “E-Gates,” provides for self-service passport control and immigration.

It follows the launch last year of new online “E/D” cards, which offer travelers the opportunity to fill out their immigration information online before they even board the flight to the Dutch Caribbean island.

“The e-gates allow the airport to become more modern, inviting passengers to enjoy easy border control check,” said Wilhelmus Ignacio, director of Curacao Airport Holding. “Aside from this benefit, it also allows the airport stakeholders to increase airport security, facilitation of travel, and enhanced border system integrity. It’s a transformation that is placing Curaçao International Airport in the forefront of innovation in airport management and passenger experience in the region.”

Here’s hoping the rest of the Caribbean follows suit.


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