This Caribbean Hotel Has Its Own Oxygen Bar


By Sarah Greaves-Gabbadon
CJ Travel Editor

It’s a breath of fresh air. Literally.

Punta Cana’s only oxygen bar, at CHIC Punta Cana, offers guests O2 on demand, giving them an opportunity to find out for themselves whether oxygen therapy – which claims to increase mental alertness, boost concentration and memory, and to impart a sense of wellbeing – really works.

Oxygen is “served” to as many as three guests at a time from countertop dispensers that each contain four chambers of liquid fragrance blends designed to relax or invigorate. The rosemary and mint combination that comprises Zen, for example, claims to “cool and refresh,” while Serenity (lavender, balsam fir) may soothe and calm. Guests insert a (disposable) plastic tube into their nostrils, and simply breathe in the benefits.

Each 10-minute “dose” costs $10, and no more than 30 minutes of oxygen therapy is recommended a day. Guests can also pair the 02 therapy with “fruit therapy” from complimentary smoothies, made to order from locally grown fruit and vegetables.

Our take: After a quick hit of the Uplifting blend (peppermint and wintergreen) we felt happy and just a little light-headed. The jury’s still out about whether we’re any sharper or energized than usual. But either way, the whole experience was … ahem … a gas.