7 Caribbean Treehouse Hotels

treehouse hotels
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You’re up in the leaves, just the sounds of birds and hoot owls and the sand down below. This is not the beach experience; it’s something else. This is a different Caribbean, a rustic, natural place where you can disconnect from your day-to-day life and connect with something far different. The Caribbean is home to some quirky hotels where you can channel Robinson Crusoe, up among the treetops. They’re not for everybody, but they’re well worth the effort. These are the Caribbean’s treehouse hotels.

secret bay

Secret Bay, Dominica

While this spectacular hotel is no longer a secret, its treehouse-style rooms still might be. Dominica’s best hotel is home to two treehouse-style “bungalow” rooms. They’re as luxurious as the hotel’s larger villas, but with a special feature: there are trees actually growing right up through the loft-style rooms.

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