6 Caribbean Islands You Can Visit Without a Passport

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Maybe you don’t have a passport, or maybe you don’t want the hassle of a laborious immigration experience. Maybe you want to arrive at your Caribbean destination, get your bag and immediately head to the beach. Well, if you’re a US citizen or a green card holder, there are a host of places you can visit — no passport required, just a government-issued photo ID. These are the best ones. (Note that you will need to do a quick USDA bag screening on the way back, with a customs check in the USVI. 

st john 2

St John

When it comes to the US Virgin Islands, it’s not really close — St John is a natural paradise, covered by parkland, peppered by white sand beaches with crystal-clear water and imbued with a funky, eclectic, always-relaxed vibe. When it comes to no passport-required islands, this is tops.

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