Winair to Offer Scheduled Service to Dominica’s Canefield Airport

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After seeing strong demand for its temporary service, Winair has announced the planned launch of regularly-scheduled service to Dominica’s Canefield Airport.

The airport is just five minutes from the center of Dominica’s capital, Roseau, as opposed to the country’s larger Douglas Charles Airport, which is about an hour from the capital by car.

The St Maarten-Canefield flights will operate three times weekly beginning Jan. 7.

“If ever we have received feedback from our customers, it is on this service,” said Winair CEO Michael Cleaver. “Many customers have called us to request St. Maarten – Canefield – St Maarten service, as well as our handlers in Dominica, Whitchurch Travel received requests to reinstate this service.”

Winair continues to offer daily service between St Maarten and Dominica, often operated on Air Antilles.


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