Jamaica Eyes “Next Level” For Medical Tourism


What’s the future for medical tourism in Jamaica?

For Jamaica Industry Minister Anthony Hilton, it’s a bright one, if the country gets the support it needs.

The government already has worked out a draft medical tourism policy paper, Hylton said, with recommendations on national standards, legislative changes and a marketing framework for the industry.

“The Government’s intention is for this policy to be passed in 2016, thus giving the industry the support required to move to the next level,” he said.

Hylton also pointed to the new $20 million Hospiten Group hospital in Montego Bay, which has 16 rooms and 28 beds.

“In terms of competitiveness, in most cases, Jamaica provides a significant price advantage over the cost of surgery in the United States,” he said. “In terms of heart bypass, whilst prices in Jamaica are much higher than India, they are on par with Colombia and slightly less than Costa Rica and Mexico.”

Of course, the landscape is only getting more competitive, both with what’s expected to be a serious medical tourism movement in Cuba and high-tech hospitals like the Health City project in Grand Cayman.

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