A New Way to Deplane in Cayman


Cayman Airways has debuted its new mobile boarding ramps in the Cayman Islands.

The ramps mean easy deplaning in both Grand Cayman and Cayman Brac.

The carrier recently launched the use of the new ramps for its Boeing 737 jet flights and smaller Saab and Embraer flights.

““We have invested in boarding ramps to improve our passenger’s travel experience while increasing the efficiency of our operations,” said Fabian Whorms, CEO of Cayman Airways. “These new boarding ramps provide a quicker, more comfortable boarding and deplaning experience for everyone, but particularly for those with limited mobility or those needing wheelchair assistance. We know how much it means for individuals to be able to walk on and off a plane on their own and for families to easily board together.”

The ramps offer much better accessibility for those requiring wheelchairs.

““The boarding or deplaning process using traditional stairs can be a very distressing time for those who have historically had to be carried on or off an aircraft.,” said Parker Tibbetts, patron of the new Cayman Islands Disability Policy. “The ramps stand to allow these individuals a tremendously improved and more comfortable travel experience while preserving their dignity and self-respect.”

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