Rum Journal: A Very Cool All-Inclusive Bar in Puerto Plata


It’s not like any all-inclusive bar in all of the Caribbean.

It’s not really like any other bar, either. And that’s a very good thing.

This is the Vintage Club Bar at the all-inclusive Gran Ventana Beach Resort in Puerto Plata in the Dominican Republic.


It’s been open for less than a year, but it’s already making waves for its high-design look, thanks to Sarah Garcia, the president and owner of parent company VH Hotels, along with her daughter, Desire Casoni.

Open to the hotel’s premium level guests, it’s a unique place that serves up a mix of cocktails and fine rums, highlighting, naturally, rums like Barcelo and Brugal, the latter rum one that also calls Puerto Plata home.


The music is an international melange, with relaxing tunes, Dominican flavor and sometimes live music with a piano.

All in all, it’s got everything you want. And it’s a little exclusive, too.

— CJ


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