Rum Journal: In the Bahamas, Making Rum a L’Orange


By Joshua Martinez
Rum Journal Contributor

Rum is best on its own.

However, it’s no secret that rum also goes well with just about everything, from coke and lime to cream of coconut to certain iced teas…

On a recent visit to Grand Bahama’s Flying Fish Modern Seafood, I was stunned to hear that some of Chef Tim Tibbit’s and his wife Sommelier Rebecca Tibbits John Watling’s Rum was ginger-infused.

Brandy is among the many liquors that have embraced the fruit-infusion shtick, and now rum was getting in on the game with a root vegetable of all things.

The result, though, was terrific.

Now, Flying Fish has crafted a truly refreshing Bahamian rum cocktail — the ginger-infused Rum a L’orange.
Equal parts, citrus and zing, it’s a perfect pairing to an exquisite meal or excellent to sip on while soaking in the sea air in Freeport.

And Flying Fish has been kind enough to share the recipe with us.

How to make Rum a l’orange

To infuse, use a high quality gold or Amber rum, like John Watling’s Amber, and 100 grams fresh ginger root to every 650ml of liquor. Cut ginger into pieces that will fit into the neck of bottle (as large as possible) and let sit for a minimum of 1 week.  As long as the ginger is covered by the rum, it can remain in bottle. Once it is exposed, drain the rum into another bottle for storage.

To make 1 rum a l’orange drink:

2 oz. ginger-infused rum
4 oz. high-quality orange juice
1 dash of Chinese 5 spice powder

Shake and serve over ice. Garnish with a dash of Chinese 5 spice

— CJ