These Caribbean Resorts Come With Their Own Private Islands


By Sarah Greaves-Gabbadon
CJ Travel Editor

We’re huge fans of Caribbean private-island resorts, but they can be pricey and require multiple flights to reach. That’s where resorts with their own private islands come in. We found a handful of hotels that offer guests the best of both worlds: The affordability and easy access of a regular resort, combined with the luxury of a private-island experience just offshore. Which one will you choose?


Couples Tower Isle, Jamaica

If you want nothing to come between you and the rays but sunscreen, Tower Isle, the island just offshore Jamaica’s original couples-only all-inclusive, is the place for you. Swimsuits aren’t just optional, they’re actually forbidden at this outcrop a minute from the resort’s shore, which has a small pool, beach, and swim-up bar.


El Conquistador, Puerto Rico

As if having a funicular, golf course and a water park wasn’t enough, this mega-resort also has Palomino Island, a 100-acre retreat where you can snorkel, paddleboard, windsurf, and, of course, ride Palomino horses along the beach.


Sandals Royal Bahamian, Bahamas

Stew Fish seafood restaurant; massages and salt scrubs al fresco; and a pool with a swim-up bar … Do you need any more reasons to visit this Nassau couples-only all-inclusive’s private isle? We didn’t think so.


Sandals Royal Caribbean, Jamaica

Hop the resort’s dragon boat or kayak over to this Mo’Bay all-inc’s sandy speck, which has a pool and hot tub, a small beach, and its own Indonesian restaurant, The Royal Thai, open for breakfast, lunch and dinner.


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