Why This is Antigua’s Must-Visit Restaurant


Above: Sheer Rocks, Antigua

ASK JUST about anyone in Antigua for their favourite restaurant, and the response will come without hesitation: Sheer Rocks.

And soon after you sit down at this eatery high on the cliffs of the Cocobay Resort, you’ll understand why.

The brainchild of Chef Alex Grimley, Sheer Rocks is one of the great new, energetic restaurants in the region.

Grimley and his team took over the space in 2010, transforming it into a place that’s easily the island’s most-talked about restaurant.

The key points are these: fresh and local. (And the breathtaking views don’t hurt, either).



Above: home-cured duck breast with feta, glazed watermelon, radicchio and edamame 

Everything is sourced from as close by as possible to the restaurant, from the fish to the produce, and this kind of quality sourcing manifests itself on the plate: here, the food is all about freshness, the kind of freshness you may not be used to.


Above: a grouper and artichoke special

Grimley’s cuisine is bold but controlled — that means stunning tuna tartare, inventive cured duck breast and delightfully fresh grouper.

The food is creative, to be sure, but that’s not something that’s shoved in your face: the vibe here is all about comfort and relaxation — sophistication without pretentiousness.


And then there are the aforementioned views: whether you come for Caribbean tapas at sunset or to watch the shimmering moon on the waves, it’s simply a remarkable setting.

It all adds up to Antigua’s must-visit restaurant.

Because Sheer Rocks is an experience. It even says so on the menu.

— CJ


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