Island Bites: At Sandy’s in St Martin, Classic Creole Cooking


Above: Sandy’s Creole Cuisine in Marigot (All photos by CJ)

Just at the edge of the ferry terminal in downtown Marigot, St Martin, you’ll find a cluster of tiny eateries.

As with almost all of the restaurants in this Caribbean culinary hub, you can’t go wrong at any of them: but for a down-home, delectable Creole experience, it’s worth visiting Sandy’s, a Creole-focused bar and restaurant.


A sliver of an eatery a few long steps from the water, Sandy’s is not so much a restaurant as a window into the home-cooking kitchen of proprietor Sandy, who will greet you at the door (and persuade you if you’re eyeing one of the other nearby restaurants).



Above: a classic Ti’ Punch

The best bets are the curried chicken and the delightful Lambi Creole, conch prepared in the classic French Caribbean style.


Above: the lambi creole

The recipe (and ingredients) are Sandy’s most closely-guarded secrets.

And if you try it, you’ll see why.

— CJ

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