These are the 4 Things You Should Buy on a Trip to Bonaire

By Sarah Greaves-Gabbadon
CJ Travel Editor

So you’ve dived and snorkeled, dined and seen the sights, and now it’s time to leave Bonaire. But before you jet off, make sure you take home a memento of the Dutch Caribbean isle. These four finds are worth the space in your carry-on.


Silver Charms

Collecting fridge magnets and shot glasses is so 2014, don’t you think? Instead I collect silver charms for my travel-themed bracelet. You’ll find a good selection at Littman’s on the main drag in Kralendijk, where I snagged this fin-tastic dangler.



Bonaire’s history as a producer of salt dates back more than three centuries, and today visitors can buy mills filled with the solar-produced condiment all over the island. I picked up mine at La Placita on Kaya Grandi in town, where you can find Mr Saltman’s full range of salty stuff, including bath and body products.


Marine Park Tag

Diving, swimming, snorkeling, or simply floating in the crystalline Caribbean bathtub that surrounds Bonaire is a must. Another must: paying a fee to the marine park that manages these waters. Divers pay $25 for a tag that lasts a year and for non-divers it’s $10. Both tags also cover entrance to Washington Slagbaai National Park and, once you get back home, make nifty zipper pulls on your tote or makeup bag, too.


Cadushy Liquor

You’ve surely heard about Bonaire’s locally produced cactus liqueur (the only one in the world), but the manufacturers, Cadushy of Bonaire, make other boozel, too. Visit the factory in Rincon and choose from Captain Don’s whisky (made with bourbon, rye and scotch); Rum Rincon (made with island basil and Suriname molasses); and Cadushy cactus vodka, described as “smooth with a spiny character.” Or buy all three!


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