The Best Seat on Peter Island


Above: the Sunset Loop at Peter Island (All photos by CJ)

By Alexander Britell

PETER ISLAND — Straight ahead, it’s St John. A bit to the right, Tortola. And you can just imagine where St Thomas is toward the far back left.

This is the best seat in the house at one of the Caribbean’s signature resorts, the 52-unit Peter Island Resort and Spa, located on its eponymous private island in the British Virgin Islands.


This is called the Sunset Loop, and it’s a colourful collection of chairs perched on a hillside overlooking a green portfolio of islands from the US and BVI.

It takes about five to 10 minutes to get here from the centre of Peter Island, and it’s even closer to the property’s two wind-turbines (which produce about 40 percent of the island’s energy needs).


Above: the nearby wind turbines

But if you want watch the main event, there’s a scheduled trip at 5PM, and you can order your provisions of choice: wine, champagne, perhaps a mixed cocktail, and head to the Sunset Loop to watch the hills and enjoy the sunset.


Above: one of Peter Island’s five beaches

The best part about these seats? There’s never anyone sitting in front of you.

— CJ


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