Rum Journal: An Angostura Cocktail From the Hyatt Regency Trinidad


Above: the Hyatt Regency Trinidad

It’s an essential ingredient in so many cocktails: Angostura Bitters.

The famous secret recipe comes, of course, from the island of Trinidad. But it’s even better when accompanied by Angostura Rum, too.

The latest Rum Journal heads to the bar at the Hyatt Regency Trinidad, the island’s leading hotel, for a cocktail featuring both Angostura bitters and one of Rum Journal’s favorite rums: Angostura Single Barrel.

Here’s the recipe for the cocktail, which the bar calls the “Trini Woman.”


1.25 oz Angostura Single Barrel Rum
1 oz Infused Ginger Syrup
2 oz Freshly squeezed passionfruit juice
maraschino cherry
lemon wedge


Pour 1.25 oz. of Single Barrel Rum into a Boston shaker, add 1 oz. infused ginger syrup together with 2 oz. of freshly squeezed passion fruit juice and ice.

Shake all ingredients for one to two minutes.

Pour into a tall beer glass topped with Angostura Aromatic bitters and garnished with a maraschino cherry and lemon wedge.

Trini Woman_Hyatt Regency Trinidad-2