Rum Journal: This Is the Caribbean’s Best New Rum Bar


Above: 101 Rums at the Four Seasons Nevis (all photos by CJ)

By Alexander Britell

NEVIS — There’s a certain energy one creates in tilting a snifter filled with aged rum.

It can’t be measured in joules, but it’s undeniable.

In a Caribbean full of bars, less full of proper rum bars (that is, bars that focus exclusively on rums from around the region), there’s a new place that understands the complicated physics of rum.

It’s called 101 Rums, the new bar at the Four Seasons Resort Nevis that’s already the best new rum bar in the Caribbean in some time.


It’s set at the restaurant’s spectacularly scenic Mango restaurant, overlooking the beach, the fishing boats and, in the distance, the hills of nearby St Kitts.


Yes, 101 Rums does have 101 rums to its credit, ranging from everything from the reliables (think El Dorado 12 and 15), the Cubans (Havana Club 7 Ans), les rhum agricoles (Clement, Damoiseau) and the close-by classics (English Harbour) — and even a bottle of the famous Appleton Estate 50 year-old Jamaica Rum).


That’s but a small sampling of what is an impressive collection.

And it’s refreshing to see a bar in the Caribbean that serves rums from across the world of the Caribbean — a bar that celebrates rum itself, not just nearby bottles.

And the bar even has its own rum curator — Nevis’ leading rum expert, Mark Theron, who holds rum tastings at the bar for interested parties.


Above: Mark Theron holds a rum tasting at 101 Rums

The best part? You can retire to the adjacent restaurant for an oceanfront dinner when you’ve finished your sunset aperitif.


That is — if you aren’t on to the next one.

— CJ

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