American Airlines Returns to Orbitz


Above: American Airlines planes in Miami (CJ Photo)

By the Caribbean Journal staff

Orbitz announced Friday that it had reached an agreement with American Airlines to continue offering both US Airways and American Airlines fares on its sites following an apparent fee dispute.

In a statement Friday, Orbitz said consumers should see all flights immediately.

“We are pleased that our long-standing relationship with American Airlines allowed us to quickly resolve business matters and that we continue to offer a broad range of options, including American Airlines and US Airways flights, to the millions of shoppers who book travel on our global sites each day,” said Sam Fulton, president of

American Airlines had announced earlier this week that it would be withdrawing its fares from Orbitz, somewhat boldly placing the move on its home page, telling customers that “you won’t find our fares on Orbitz.”

An analysis by Caribbean Journal confirmed that AA flights had indeed returned to the site.

Above: a sample flight from Miami to San Juan, Puerto Rico on American Airlines on Orbitz pulled on Friday afternoon following Orbitz’ announcement.

US Airways flights had been slated to be withdrawn in September; that will no longer occur.

American Airlines did not respond to a request for comment.


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