New Hotel, Airport Terminal, Golf Course, Planned For Barbuda


Above: Barbuda

By the Caribbean Journal staff

Antigua and Barbuda’s government says it has big plans for the island of Barbuda.

New Governor General Dr Rodney Williams said in his Throne Speech last week that the government had high hopes for the island, with tourims a major prong of that push.

First, the government said it plans to make the island into a port of entry, with permanent customs and immigrations officials.

Williams said the country had also entered into a memorandum of understanding with a developer to build a new hotel, to create a yacht basin and to “erect housing the matches the standard created for guests.”

Crucially, Williams said the government plans to construct a new airport terminal and runway, along with a golf course, new restaurants, shops and other tourism amenities.

“Barbuda is about to become a net contributor to the government’s finances, able to support its own workforce by income generated from services,” Williams said.