Nassau’s Secret Beach Bar

By Alexander Britell

YOU THINK you know a place. You’ve been there time and again. And still, even on a relatively small island, there’s something new around the corner.

I came to Love Beach during a search for as-yet-undiscovered beaches in Nassau, an island seemingly full of them.

Touring the northwestern coast of New Providence, there are chalk-white, empty patches of sand all along the road.

One, however, is a bit more hidden.

It’s called Love Beach.

If you’re walking, it’s a bit past the boutique Compass Point hotel. And then a bit more. And then another 10 minutes. Head down a slight hill, and it’s home to a truly hidden gem: the Nirvana Beach Bar.

The purple-hued Nirvana is a great spot for two things: drinking rum (or Kalik) in or on the ocean, and watching the planes take off (which happens with some frequency).

The latter is the kind of experience that reminds of St Maarten’s famous Sunset Beach Bar (home of the more interesting landing spots to watch), but far less crowded.

It’s a beach village of sorts — there’s a main house, a tiny shop selling novelties and beach towels (which came in handy) and a two-story, hollowed bar right on the sand.

Even on a “busy” day, you’ll still feel that you have all of Love Beach to yourself.

And on quieter days, well, it’s nirvana.