St Lucia, Malaysia Hold Talks


Above: St Lucia

By the Caribbean Journal staff

St Lucia Deputy Prime Minister Phillip Pierre met last week with Malaysian Foreign Minister Anifah Bin Aman.

The latter was seeking St Lucia’s support for the country’s bid to be elected to the United Nations Security Council.

“Saint Lucia has promised to give active consideration to Malaysia in this regard,”Pierre said following the meeting. “We also discussed the potential for tourism between Malaysia and Saint Lucia; Saint Lucia’s infrastructural needs particularly after Hurricane Tomas and the Christmas Eve trough; and bilateral arrangements that could benefit both countries.”

In a statement, bin Aman said the country desired “further solidification” of cooperation between the two sides.

“I think that one of the areas in which we can work closely together, is the area of tourism,” bin Aman said. “I had an excellent meeting with the Deputy Prime Minister and the issues we spoke about involving infrastructure, tourism and working together in the international fora were very informative.”

The meeting was held on June 20 at the Ministry of Infrastructure, Port Services and Transport in St Lucia.