Caribbean Eats: In the Dominican Republic’s Bavaro, the Art of Chicken


Above: Solo Pollo in Bavaro (all photos by CJ)

BAVARO — Yes, they serve other things here. But at a place called “Only Chicken,” why would you order anything else?

Solo Pollo, as it’s actually known, is a small outdoor-only lunch joint that’s been in the Plaza Las Brisas off the main road in Bavaro, Dominican Republic since the year 2000.

Above: the chicken oven

It’s a go-to spot for a cross-section of the local society in Punta Cana, from hotel employees to intrepid tourists.

And, naturally, it specializes in one thing: poultry — and they do quite a good job of it, with every manner of light but flavourful chicken dish: croquetas, fried chicken and grilled chicken, with a range of zesty sauces and sides.

That’s not to mention the occasional special, which puts an additional spin on their chicken offerings.

If you’re staying in one of the local all-inclusive resorts, it’s the perfect getaway to get a lunchtime sample of Dominican culture.

And to wash it down, there’s fresh tamarind juice or, if you’re having a business lunch, what might be the cheapest beer in the entire Caribbean (around 50 US cents per Presidente).

— CJ


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