Nevis Looks to Set Up Refueling Point for Super Yachts


Above: the CLAN VIII Valletta super yacht

By the Caribbean Journal staff

There are scores of super yachts cross the Caribbean year-round, and they all have one thing in common — they need to refuel.

A new pilot project on the island of Nevis looks to take advantage of that — by setting up a new refueling initiative at the Long Point Port on the island.

The project would provide a refueling facility for such yachts right on Nevis.

Last week, the CLAN VIII Valletta was the first such super yacht to participate in what was a test run of the project; it was refueled by Delta Petroleum Ltd, hosted by the Nevis Air and Sea Port Authority.

Colin Dore, chairman of the NASPA Board of Directors, said the first fueling was meant to be a test to “see if we are ready to accommodate that type of traffic.”

“A couple of months ago, NASPA started looking at the possibility of refueling yachts at Long Point,” he said. “There is an upsurge now in yacht tourism within the Federation. There is Christophe Harbour coming on stream shortly and the Marina at Cades Bay, Tamarind Cove, coming on stream. We are trying to position ourselves to capitalize on whatever spin-off there will be from those activities.”

For now, the plan is to install a bulk station within the port at Long Point, he said.

“It is yet another indication of the economic diversification that we are seeing in the Tourism Sector, the tourism industry and in the economy generally here,” Nevis Tourism Minister Mark Brantley said in a statement. “I am very happy to be here with the officials from NASPA and look forward to this being a regular event for NASPA and for the island of Nevis and for the tourism industry.”