Montserrat Approves Design For New UK-Funded Hospital


Above: the current Glendon Hospital in Montserrat

By the Caribbean Journal staff

The government of Montserrat has approved the design for the territory’s planned New Glendon Hospital.

The project, which is being funded by the United Kingdom to the tune of a little over $14 million USD, will have a total of 38 beds, an increase of eight over the current Glendon Hospital.

“We have endorsed the design concept for the construction of the new hospital facilities,” Montserrat Premier Reuben Meade said in his budget speech on Monday. “The consultants have now commenced the working and construction designs. We anticipate going to tender no later than September 2014.”

Meade said the hospital was expected to launch construction by the first quarter of 2015, with completion projected for the year 2017.