The Best Caribbean Airports — 2014

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What makes a good airport? These days, air travel is rarely easy, so when we get to the airport there are few factors that really determine the quality of the experience. Most importantly, it needs to be clean, it needs to be comfortable, it needs good food and bar options, good shopping and, if possible, it needs to have a smooth, security and passport operation (although that’s hard to find anywhere in the world). The Caribbean has its share of good airports — modern, global-standard ones that make the experience of traveling a little bit easier. Here are our favourites for 2014.

Lynden Pindling International Airport — Nassau, Bahamas

Last year, the Bahamas’ flagship airport completed a more than $400 million renovation, and the results are fantastic. This is a spotless, modern, beautiful airport that compares favourably with its larger counterparts around the world. It sets the bar for what airports in the region can be, from a great Graycliff airport lounge in the US departures terminal to solid food options. And having US Customs pre-clearance means that American travelers don’t have to go through customs when they land.

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