The Caribbean’s Top 25 Chefs – 2014

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What makes a chef great? Is it flavour? Is it plating? Is it passion? The Caribbean is one of the world’s greatest culinary destinations, with thousands of talented chefs making mouthwatering dishes featuring local and international cuisine. But the Caribbean also sends a number of terrific chefs abroad to hone their craft and bring the region’s food to the world. So our inaugural Best Chefs list includes both chefs working in the Caribbean and Caribbean-born chefs making their mark around the world. Here are our top Caribbean chefs for 2014, from rising stars to established veterans. Who is your favourite Caribbean chef? Tell us in the comments section.

Xiomara Marquez — Puerto Rico

To put it simply, Xiomara Marquez is a culinary artist, trained in the highest level of Spanish cuisine and continuing to wow diners at the Yantar restaurant in San Juan’s Condado district.

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