The Caribbean’s Smallest Beach Bar


Above: the view from the “Party Bar” in Montego Bay (all photos by CJ)

IT SEATS four people on a good day, and it’s sandwiched between a few beach chairs and a wooden storefront.

And this tiny enclave on the beach in Trelawny, Jamaica just might be the Caribbean’s smallest beach bar.

It’s so small, in fact, that it doesn’t even have a name, although it’s been unofficially dubbed the “Party Bar.”

Owner Maxine opened the bar last year on the beach in Trelawny, and, despite its size, it’s quite a lot of fun.

The Party Bar has a selection of classic Jamaican libations, from J Wray & Nephew Rum Cream to Red Stripe, some snacks and a healthy amount of ice.

Naturally, there’s rum on hand, but only for the courageous — it’s the Overproof “Estate Rum” (look out for the red bottle).

Mostly, though, the Party Bar a place to kick back and enjoy the beautiful views of a classic Jamaican beach.

There is a tiny grouping of shops surrounding the bar; on one side, a shack containing hand-painted artwork; on another, a couple of clothing stores.

Above: Maxine and the Party Bar

The Party Bar is the hub of this beachfront commercial village, attracting lively conversations from all of the surrounding vendors.

That’s all you hear though, along with the sound of the waves. And isn’t that what a Caribbean beach bar is all about?

Above: the view of the beach from the Party Bar

Maxine opened the bar last year, and it’s become a frequent stop for visitors from the nearby Royalton hotel. Indeed, it looks like more and more customers could be on their way.

Of course, expansion may be a little difficult.

— CJ


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