Caribbean Sound: Anguilla’s Amalia Watty


OUR NEW feature, Caribbean Sound, takes you across the world of Caribbean music, from established musicians to young, up-and-coming voices. We start off with a conversation with a new artist from Anguilla, Amalia Watty, one of the island’s hottest new voices.

Watty’s soulful, jazzy sound brings to mind the late Amy Winehouse.

And like the British star, Watty was influenced at an early age by a jazz-loving father and was inspired by the music of Motown.

Born and raised in Anguilla, Amalia Watty, nicknamed Ms Jazzy, is passionate about music, particularly jazz and soul, with the influence of each evident in her sound.

She was introduced to the guitar and piano at age three by her musician father, who is originally from the Dominican Republic and, at age six, became enamoured with the love for Jazz and soul music when her Stepfather introduced her to Nina Simone, Billie Holiday and Louis Armstrong.

Often compared locally to Billie Holiday and Welsh singer Duffy, Watty’s music is a flavourful fusion of sultry jazzy and live instrumentations tinged with Caribbean expressions, creating a captivating and seductive experience.

Click below to listen to more of Amalia Watty’s outstanding sound:

— CJ


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