Trinidad and Tobago Courts Investment From Scandinavia


Above: Oslo

By the Caribbean Journal staff

Trinidad and Tobago’s High Commissioner to London recently wrapped up a tour of Nordic countries as part of a bid to court investment.

Ambassador Gavin Nicholas, who also serves as non-resident ambassador to four of the Nordic countries, spent four days visiting the region, including Norway and Finland.

In Finland, talks covered Trinidad’s policies on green energy, the outstanding Schengen Visa Waiver, climate change and tourism, among other issues.

In Finland, Nicholas met with the Finnish Central Chamber of Commerce, speaking of what he said were many incentives to attract new investment, and that Finnish investors would “be able to take advantage of the additional benefits to be derived from the EPA.”

The two sides also broached the question of implementing a taxation agreement between Trinidad and Tobago and Finland.

According to Trinidad’s government a meeting with Gasum Oy Ltd’s Aleksei Novitsky revealed potential interest by the company about the supply of LNG beginning in 2018.

In a statement, Trinidad’s government said “there is a real opportunity for increased collaboration and knowledge sharing between Finland and Trinidad and Tobago,” including eco, sport and medical tourism, green energy and long-term investment.


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