The Caribbean’s Undiscovered Places

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You may have been to one of these places. And of course, they have been discovered — in today’s world, it’s hard to hide anything. But most people haven’t discovered these far-off places in the Caribbean for themselves — the parts of the Caribbean you may not know exist. (Note: every destination on this list has a place where can actually stay). But when you do discover them, you’ll feel as though you have the entire place to yourself. Here’s a list of some of the great undiscovered places of the Caribbean. What’s your favourite undiscovered Caribbean getaway? Tell us in the comments section.

Great Inagua, Bahamas

This is the farthest south you can go in the Bahamian island chain. While Great Inagua has long been the home to the Morton Salt Company, it’s also the Bahamas’ birding capital. (There are also quite a few flamingos).

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