At Martinique’s Airport, a Permanent Tribute to Aime Cesaire


Above: the new Espace Aime Cesaire

By the Caribbean Journal staff

It’s already named for him, but Martinique’s international airport now has a permanent tribute to the legendary poet, thinker and politician, Aime Cesaire.

The Espace Aime Cesaire includes a large bust of Cesaire sculpted by artist Julien Ponceau, a longtime friend of Cesaire.

Catherine Conconne, first vice president of Region Martinique, inaugurated the exhibition space this week.

It will become a permanent exhibition space, aimed at featuring works by local artists, according to the government.

This year is the 100th anniversary of Cesaire’s birth, and Martinique is making it a year-long celebration of his life.

Martinique named the airport after Cesaire in 2007.


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