Rum Journal: The Caribbean’s 10 Best Beach Drinks

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After Caribbean Journal did a list of the top 10 beach bars in the CaribbeanRum Journal thought it would be appropriate to do a companion list of the 10 best beach drinks in the Caribbean. Indeed, some of them happen to be served at the Top 10 Beach Bars, but others are not. Some offer recipes, others are top-secret. Here’s Rum Journal’s list of the 10 best beach drinks in the Caribbean, with special shout-outs to the small islands of Nevis and Anguilla, each of which earned a pair of mentions. Naturally, all of the drinks share one main ingredient: rum.

Above: Sunshine’s Beach Lounge

Killer Bee – Sunshine’s Beach Lounge, Nevis

A member of CJ’s top 10 Beach Bars list, Sunshine’s secret recipe is, in a word, perfect. But be careful.

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