President of Jamaican Senate Resigns


Above: Former Senator Stanley Redwood

By the Caribbean Journal staff

Reverend Stanley Redwood has resigned as President of Jamaica’s Senate and is planning to move with his family to Canada, he announced this weekend.

Redwood had served in the post since his appointment in January 2012, following the victory of the People’s National Party government several weeks earlier.

The former Senate President is reportedly planning the impending move to Canada with his family for next week.

The news was seen by some observers as a reflection of the current economic and political ituation in Jamaica, with Redwood offering a list of priorities on which he said Jamaica needed to focus.

Those included the consideration of nuclear energy and the construction of a new House of Parliament, among others.

He cited several problems with the government’s current meeting place, including an incident in which the lights went out during a speech by a visiting head of state.

Redwood is set to move to Canada along with his wife and five children on May 20.

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